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It is spot on! Joe is very gifted at looking into someone’s essence, seeing how it moves, breathes, and all the colors and shapes, and then capturing that through his brilliant artistry as a painter!

This image feels like I’m looking into a multi-dimensional mirror. As I work with it I feel altered, calibrated, and clarified.

Working with Joe (by Zoom) is special. He afforded really supportive and validating reflections, feedback, and insights about my essence and how it works in relationships in the world, with others. I highly recommend this process.

The artwork now sits in my house, presently on my altar while it’s calibrating my space. The digital print lives on my phone - presently as my lock-screen image. And on my laptop as a screen saver. Seeing these splendid colors and shapes has literally reminded me, of what I have on tap as a resource. This goes beyond words and is trans-rational. What an excellent feedback loop.

Thank you, Joe. I love you, your artwork, your skill, and your GIFT!


Cass Phelps

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