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It was on a swing set in the 5th grade that Joe was deciding whether to be an artist or a musician.


He chose art.


Years later, after art school and studying with master painters, he found himself in the field of video games.  He excelled in many roles such as animator, 3d modeler, texture artist, graphic designer, illustrator and concept artist.


He spent roughly 30 years in a field he never felt like he belonged in. There was no true passion for video games nor the popular culture they represented for him. But along the way, he continued to study traditional mediums, painting from both life and his imagination, seeing both as equally important skills.


Joe also had  immense interest in the more esoteric areas of psychology and personal development. He has studied many forms and disciplines of meditation, adopting and adapting from various styles and types he learned in meditation retreats and courses on his journey of self discovery. With the help of various plant medicines, he recovered from both childhood and adult traumas. Joe has always been willing and able to dive deep. With breakthroughs in limiting beliefs, Joe’s view is that one has to change and grow beyond the confines of culture and the validation of those around you. The balance of peace and tranquility in his life is the starting point. Creating from an open heart and expanded mind, Joe’s approach is to paint as unguarded as he is able. 


This is the place he chooses to create from.


Tactful color harmony, composition, and mindful brushwork are the tools he uses to create evocative and atmospheric paintings that edge on the divine. Whether it’s surrealistic, impressionistic, or psychedelic, his visionary, colorful work is full of the love of himself, others and all that is.


In the end, his desire is that the awareness and love he brings to his paintings sparks you to see yourself and life in a new way. 

Joe in Studio
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