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 What is a personal COLOR CODE?

  • A visual incantation made to magnify your innate greatness.

  • A beautiful fine art painting that was created with the intention of your personal growth in every direction.

  • A personal totem or talisman that is a constant reminder of what you really are deep inside beyond your constructed identity.

  • An energetic invitation that pulls you deeper into yourself.

  • A portal to higher perspectives, helping you loosen the tight grip of your identity thus making pushing past fear easier.

  • A rich colorful well you can dip your eyes into and pull out the felt solutions to your perceived problems.

  • Open eye meditation tool, similar to a yantra or mandala but, unlike those, this is highly personal and one of a kind and does not adhere to sacred geometry or a certain set of beliefs a religion or path might offer.

  • To enhance any environment...home, office, or sacred space.

  • COLOR CODES are truly a doorway into the unknown and all you will find in the unknown is more of yourself, a constant and never-ending journey.

How did these come to be?

A few years ago, I became aware that when I talk to people I get flashes of color and shapes associated with them. It reminded me of my childhood.

I never thought much of it or that I should paint them. I discovered during the pandemic if I tune in when it's happening it becomes stronger and more clear and if I can recall that person and/or the conversation the visions continue.  One time, in deep meditation, it came to me to call these COLOR CODES and do them for people as a personal fine art piece with the intention to further their growth and as a reminder of their brilliance. Encoded with your highest potential, this painting would be a constant reminder and a visual companion. Colors are pure magic and they have the power to heal, soothe and change one's state of mind. These colors talk, but they need you to feel them, not think them. By having a heartfelt discussion with me, these colors will reveal themselves.


Intention is a mysterious thing. Some say it’s everything, while others conclude it’s about as important as your daily horoscope. I, for one, think the potential for intention is boundless as I know what a meal tastes like when it’s prepared with love and I bet you do too. My intention is that this art piece would be a doorway to more personal growth and spiritual depth for you.  A reminder that beyond all the things that come and go in your life, there is a spark in you untarnished by judgment and not riddled with suffering. Colorful, dynamic, and encoded with your being's highest potential, COLOR CODES are truly unique.

How does this work?

Schedule a chat and we will discuss if this works for both of us. If it does, we continue our conversation. I will ask you questions about your intentions for this. Is this for yourself or a gift? What size would you like and where do you see the piece hanging?  Your goals, life dreams, hopes, and desires will be shared. This conversation really gets the colors and shapes moving and the connection for me gets clearer. My baseline intention for every piece is for your highest and grandest potential.  Together we can really hone in on what you would like the colors coded to. For example, some focus on self-development or spiritual advancement while others want to focus on bringing in more business at work. Some just want what I pick up on to come through. The options are truly limitless. From what I've seen so far, what comes through already knows what's needed. No need to worry if afterward your think to yourself,  "Oh I wish I would have discussed this other thing."

 If we decide to move forward and you've picked your size, I will send you an invoice or you can purchase it below. Then I get busy, tune in, and let your COLOR CODE come through. Depending on the size, most of the COLOR CODES come through in one sitting. Then, over the next few days, the painting pulls me in to add or subtract colors and shapes and I stop once the pull isn't there anymore.

Once your painting is delivered, we hop on another Zoom call and I will go over what came through and different ways to look at it, plus what the colors and shapes told me about you.  I record the conversation for your future reference. What I say about it isn't etched in stone, for what truly matters (and I can't stress this enough) is how you feel about it. After spending some quality time with yours, I invite you to share your thoughts with me.  It may just be a beautiful conversational piece but so far it has been much more than that to people who have purchased their own  personal COLOR CODE.

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