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Anchoring in stillness, 30" x 40" oil on wood, unframed and ready to hang.


This was painted right after the changing beliefs painting and is the next step in the process I have come to notice in my life.  Once the beliefs are changed then comes the anchoring in the stillness. At this stage, I have noticed there is resistance to sitting still. Impatience erupts with the urge to control events, people, and situations. The pressure to do something can be strong with the mind making stories about why I should be taking action but when I look closely these ideas spring from some sort of fear, like  I will fall behind, or I'm being lazy, and look at so so they are so busy and successful, etc. This feels like resistance and a lack of trust in the process of life. Soaking up and marinating these new beliefs I have taken on requires stillness of some sort. I do not act until I have inspiration and the inspiration I speak does not show itself from a fearful mindset.

Anchoring in stillness

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