What is a Color Code?


A few years ago I became aware of when I talk to people I get flashes of color and shapes and they seem associated with the person I am conversing with. I didn't think

much of it, reminded me of my childhood. For some reason, I have never thought much of it or that I should paint it. I discovered during the pandemic if I tune in when it's happening it becomes stronger more clear. Then after a meditation, it came to me to call these color codes and to do them for people as a personal fine art piece that has the intention of furthering their growth and as a reminder of their brilliance. 


Mysteriously I don't know what this is, I could conjure up something and say it's your quantum aura from the 9th dimension or something.  But that would be a sad excuse to fill up the mystery with a story. I would rather leave it a mystery, gives it much more room to be more and I love that.  You will have to report back to me after you have your own color code and tell me just what it is other than a pretty picture.


Intention is a mysterious thing. Some say it’s everything while others conclude it’s about as important as your daily horoscope. I, for one, think the potential for intention is boundless as I know what a meal tastes like when it’s prepared with love and I bet you do too.


My intention is that this art piece would be a doorway to more personal growth and spiritual depth for you. A reminder that beyond all the things that come and go in your life, there is a spark in you that is untarnished by judgment and not riddled with suffering. 


A personal color code can be looked at as a reminder to yourself to be your most authentic self and not tarnish your shine. Let the colors sink in and feel them. They are chosen just for you.

  • All color codes are delivered framed and ready to hang.

  • Made with the intention for your spiritual growth.

  • Unique, Original, made just for you.

  • Fine art, designed to help magnify your greatness.

  • An energetic portrait that pulls you deeper into yourself.

So how does this work?

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